Kerrie Smyres headshotI’m a 31-year-old who has lived with chronic daily headache and migraine for nearly 20 years. A lifelong overachiever, I was lost when I quit my job because of my headaches. Knowing I needed a way to be creative, feel productive and help others, my husband suggested I blog about headaches. I brushed off his recommendation for more than a year. Then one day I had a great idea — I should start a headache blog!

In June 2005, The Daily Headache was born.What began as a way to share my experiences quickly became the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve learned so much about migraine and chronic daily headache, discovered new ways of coping with my illness and, most important, met incredible people.

I earned a BA and MA in human communication before I realized being a professor wasn’t. I’ve worked as a writer, editor, publication designer and teacher. Now I’m blogging and working to keep healthy and enjoy life.

Although Phoenix is my hometown, Seattle has been my adopted city since 2003. I’m pretty sure it’s the best city ever. The surrounding water and mountains are a tonic to my spirits. As a coffee-loving, treehugging, Subaru-driving Seattleite, I fit the stereotype perfectly.

Passionate, intense, introspective, empathetic (sometimes overly so), fun-loving, silly, stubborn and, ahem, bossy are the best adjectives to describe me. My interests include baking, traveling, practicing yoga, reading, watching baseball and making messes with my craft of the month.

-Kerrie Smyres

E-mail me with questions and comments at kerrie [at] thedailyheadache [dot] com.

At no time should any content on The Daily Headache should be considered medical advice or imply any action should be taken. The Daily Headache forum, blog and other materials do not replace the need to consult with your health care professional.

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