Seattle Doctors, Neurologists & Headache Specialists

I’ve been asked about Seattle headache specialists and neurologists more times than I can count in the last month. My experience is quite limited, but the online support group and forum has a thread with recommendations for Seattle headache doctors. If you have any to add, please do! You can also check What Do You Think of Your Doctor, an earlier post with lots of good suggestions, some in Seattle, some elsewhere.

Here’s what I know:

I’ve seen Sylvia Lucas at UW and Sheena Aurora at Swedish. They are both kind and caring. We all click with different people, of course, but I found Dr. Lucas to be more patient-oriented and Dr. Aurora to be more research-oriented. Both have at least three-month long waiting lists. It took six months to get into my first appointment with Dr. Lucas and follow-ups are usually scheduled two months out. Dr. Aurora is more like three months for an initial appointment.

A friend sees Patrick Hogan, an osteopathic neurologist, in Tacoma. His number is (253) 284-4488. He requires a doctor’s referral regardless of your insurance and your family/general physician will have to contact his office to get you in.

For other doctors in the Seattle area — or anywhere else in the US, check the National Headache Foundation’s physician finder or the American Headache Society’s health care provider search.


8 Responses to “Seattle Doctors, Neurologists & Headache Specialists”

  1. Paul Says:

    My wife had very very good success with a guy we call Dr. Woo Woo because the stuff he does is so out there. BUT… it worked. After he started treating her, she was nearly pain-free for 4 months (this was after 6 years of nearly daily headaches, many of them migraines). Unfortunately, we moved from Seattle area.

    She had been going to Dr. Aurora & her partner at the Swedish Pain clinic, Dr. Robinson, without much success: just stronger & stronger drugs without any real relief.

  2. Andie Says:

    Hi –

    I have had migraines and cluster HAs since I was 7 years old and I am now 51. I have found Dr.Lucas to be a wonderful physician and, though you were much more eloquent and sensitive in your description, I have had a terrible time with Dr. Aurora. I am a neuropsychlogist andI specialie in research,though I do not work with migraines. Thank you for your blog! One thing I am doing that has helped a great deal – getting Botox injections in my neck and head from Dr. Lucas. I alsotake 10 mg of Methadone for contant pain in my neck. The two combine are very helpul on a daily basis. If you don’t know, Methadone is a long acting narcotic and does not make me feel high or altered at all. It is being used more often now for lower grade arthritis pain and restless leg syndrome in very low doses. It is preferable to Percocet or other altering narcotis and has less potential for abuse. Best wishes! – Andie

  3. Andie Says:

    Please forgive my spelling – my kyboard is sticking. : )

  4. MaxJerz Says:

    I added this to the thread in your forum, but I have been seeing Dr Michael Elliott at the Virginia Mason Clinic since May of this year; since then, I’ve had more success than I have in the past 2 years with anyone else. I did not get along well with Dr Aurora, at all, so I changed to Dr Elliott. He is awesome, and his staff is wonderful!

    Be well,

    Ooh, thanks. I was planning to call someone in Kirkland who has been recommended, but I’d be much more likely to make it to an appointment at Virginia Mason than in Kirkland.

    You and I should really get together sometime and compare notes…


  5. Cheryl Says: Says:

    I’ve been seeing Dr. R. Steven Singer, Kirkland, WA, neurologist, for about 16 years now with great success & would highly recommend him. He is personable, and highly educated & only interested in your headaches/migraine….I don’t know what else to say but give him a call and see what he can do for you…….

    Thanks. You’re the second person who has recommended him. In fact, I had already planned to call him today. Your recommendation seals the deal!


  6. Jess Says:

    I also did NOT like Aurora. I look forward to seeing Dr. Elliot eventually.

  7. sharon Says:

    what about surgery?

  8. Barb J Says:

    I have had CDH for about 3 1/2 yrs. I have seen several local neurologists(Murinova at U of W, Yang at Polyclinic, Aurora at Swedish). Also went to the Michigan Pain and Headache Clinic. All with no success. I am at my wits end. I have tried every drug known to man to treat my headaches. I would like more info. on Dr. Woo Woo? I have had Botox injections, Epiderals, nerve blocks, trigger point injections. I am not sure what else there is to do!!!!

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