Headache & Pain Blog Carnivals

Check out February’s blog carnivals on headache and pain. Somebody Heal Me is hosting the Headache Blog Carnival, which is about migraine and romance. The Pain Blog Carnival is up at How to Cope With Pain.


One Response to “Headache & Pain Blog Carnivals”

  1. david s klein, md Says:


    I happened onto your blog. Very well done.

    I’m sending you this note to see if you would be interested in a non-prescription topical anti-inflammatory cream that I developed. Originally used in race horses (daughter’s hobby) I introduced it for human use 6 months ago.

    The blog site is:

    And the product is called “kink-ease.” It is a high concentration MSM lotion, and it is particularly useful for pain problems in the feet, hands, wrists, ankles and shoulders. It is somewhat useful in the hip and lower back, but only in slender people.

    It is pharmaceutical grade and is priced very reasonably.

    If you would like me to send you more information, I’ll be pleased to send it your way.

    David S. Klein, MD, FACA, FAPCM
    Pain Center of Orlando, Inc.

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