Sleep Struggles? Share Your Story

Sleep is a precious resource that many people, particularly those with chronic illness or pain, don’t get enough of. If you’re a woman who has triumphed over your sleep problems, Laurie from A Chronic Dose wants to hear your story for an article she’s writing.

The National Sleep Foundation is an amazing resource for those still struggling with sleep. For information on sleep and headache disorders see Sleep, Sweet Elusive Sleep.

If good sleep still eludes your (or if you’re a man!), please share your experiences in the comments for this post.

Photo by Nara Vieira da Silva Osga


One Response to “Sleep Struggles? Share Your Story”

  1. James Roberts Says:

    I’ve had a daily headache with migraine features, my doctors debate what it is because no medicine has been able to help it. Lately it has really thrown off my sleep. I’ll start by saying that I’ve tried over the counter and prescription sleep aids. The OTC did not work and the prescription ones scare me. I started sleep fighting with my wife while taking AmbienCR and woke up in the hospital and almost wound up divorced. Anyway onto the current problem. For about 2 to 3 days I can only sleep for about 2-3 hours and then I’m wide awake. I try to go back to sleep, and although I can relax I cannot fall asleep. On the third or forth day I sleep for almost the entire day which I feel I need, but really irritates my wife who says I sleep all the time on those days. I guess she’s right, I do. I just wish I could spread the sleep out.

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