What Kind of Headaches Do You Have?

Headache Central, an educational site sponsored by the Michigan Headache Treatment Network, has a new tool to help classify your headaches in medical terms. The web-based program asks questions about your headaches, determining which questions to ask based on your previous responses. After you’ve answered all the questions, you’re given a page with your responses and possible diagnoses summarized in a doctor-friendly format to print and take to your next appointment.

It’s not intended for you to diagnose yourself, but to provide your doctor with a more complete view of what you’re experiencing. It’s a guide from which your doc can ask you relevant questions to flesh out your diagnosis and find the appropriate treatment for you.

FYI: The program doesn’t work in Firefox.


2 Responses to “What Kind of Headaches Do You Have?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    The program didn’t work in Safari or Netscape either. Oh well.

    Thanks for letting us know.


  2. merissa shimkas Says:

    I have horrible migraines that last up to a week. They have been worse since i got pregnant.

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