Update on Beans

Poison_1I’ve finally tested beans as a food trigger and the results aren’t good. The culprit was a delicious black bean breakfast burrito from a meal delivery service. I enjoyed it so, but my head sure didn’t.

In the words of the 80s hair band Poison, better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at. (I know they weren’t the first to say that, but that’s what I thought of when the phrase popped to mind.) In the spirit of sheer denial, I’m holding out hope that other beans might be OK.

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4 Responses to “Update on Beans”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You have my sympathy. Most beans and peas are a problem for me. I think pinto beans maybe the only bean I can safely eat in limited quantities, for which I’m extremely grateful because it allows me to eat some Mexican foods–which is preferable to none. I can most readily eat a burrito with beans, cheese and rice–provided the beans and rice don’t have seasonings or additives that are triggers for me (which is most seasonings except salt), and the cheese is mild and minimal. Some places I can eat the corn chips and do okay, and other places I can’t. Even when I can eat the chips, I must avoid the salsa and guacamole. *sigh* Dining out or in is tricky at best. Still, I’d rather give up a food than have a migraine.

    As much as I grumble, I would also rather give up some foods than have a migraine. I just hate that I have to make the choice.


  2. Diana Says:

    That just stinks. Beans are so good for you and quite tasty, too. I’m sorry to hear the bad news.

    Thanks. I just ate something with kidney and pinto beans in it and am keeping my fingers crossed.


  3. Julia Says:

    Ah the mixed blessing of finding another food trigger. I was in denial for a LONG time when I realised that strawberries were a problem for me!

    After further trial I can now eat 1 strawberry, as long as I am exposing myself to no other trigger foods for the day before or the day after.

    I guess the triggers are cumlative – three strikes and I’m out!

    Does eating a single strawberry make it taste even better? You should at least get that benefit!


  4. j Says:

    I noted that Sarah wrote:
    “Some places I can eat the corn chips and do okay, and other places I can’t.”

    I also noticed that some corn chips give me headaches, and others don’t. I actually determined that I only get headaches with corn chips containing calcium hydroxide. However, corn chips without calcium hydroxide are hard to find.

    I’m wondering if other people noticed the same intolerance.

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