Why We Have to Fight Docs for Painkillers

Graham, a med student and blogger at Over My Med Body, writes about an encounter with a patient in the ER:

“‘I usually get Dilaudid and Phenergan’ [said the patient]. These are the words that start to change my diagnosis from ‘kidney stone’ to ‘drug-seeking.'”

Check out the whole story in Graham’s post, entitled “I Usually Get Dilaudid and Phenergan.”

[via Kevin, MD]


4 Responses to “Why We Have to Fight Docs for Painkillers”

  1. Jackie Says:


    the few times that I have had to go to the ER in extream pain, I was careful not to request a specific med, and just let them give me what they want to give me, for fear them thinking that my pain is “all in my head” or worse, “I’m a pill seaker”.

    From the sounds of things, this lady obviously is a pill seaker, but I fear there is more to her story that we don’t know….

  2. PamC Says:

    It’s folks like that who give the rest of us a bad name…

  3. Diana Says:

    It find it very interesting to see the ER from a doc’s perspective. It’s easy to forget how often they face the “drug seeker” question in practice when you only deal with it from a patient perspective. Of course, that doesn’t justify the way many of us have been treated, but it’s still good to see things from another viewpoint.

  4. Angel Says:

    My experience (comparing to the article) is that I do have severe anxiety even with lower body scans and with severe headaches. I’m sure if I were to go to the ER I’d be seen as drug seeking by some : /

    Thankfully the meds I’ve had eventually do work and I haven’t had to go to the ER. But it’s a shame that my asking for meds I know that work (as opposed to the 15 or so that don’t) and being a partner in my own health care might threaten some doctors.

    I don’t like having to take meds–they don’t even make me “high”–they just help me have a little bit better quality of life.

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