Gastric Stasis in Migraineurs

People with headache experience have pain, but also can suffer from all sorts of other neurological symptoms, indicates findings of a recent study. Gastric stasis, the delayed emptying of the stomach, is one of these symptoms. With gastric stasis, oral medications are slowly disintegrated, which may limit the efficacy of the medication. This research may have a significant impact on how migraineurs are treated.

Recent research has found that stomachs of people with migraine empty slowly all the time, not just during a migraine. It also does not appear to worsen during an acute attack.

A great summary of study details is available on’s headache page.


4 Responses to “Gastric Stasis in Migraineurs”

  1. Kate Says:

    This is interesting. My neurologist used to prescribe a narcotic suppository for me to use during attacks that weren’t responding to oral meds. At the time he said it was because the stomach doesn’t absord meds as well during pain because of stomach secretions brought on by pain, or something like that. (I don’t retain or repeat scientific info very well, as you can see.) Anyway, it worked like a charm. It will be interesting to read that article. Thanks.

  2. Kate Says:

    I also wonder if this is why the Imitrex INJECTION used to work for me, when the Imitrex PILLS didn’t do a thing?

  3. Kerrie Says:

    It definitely sounds like it could be the problem. I think gastric stasis is one of the reasons that there is so much research into alternative delivery methods for migraine drugs.

    I never expected to become a fan of suppositories!


  4. connie Says:

    looking for info/treatment/suggestions for gartroparesis/nerve damage from being a long term diabetic

    I wish I could help, but I know nothing about it. Best of luck finding the answers.


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