DEA’s Stance on Pain Explained

Anyone with pain that requires opioid treatment must read this article on the DEA’s stance on painkillers. In fact, I think everyone who lives in the US should read the article.

Entitled Treating Doctors as Drug Dealers: The Drug Enforcement Administration’s War on Prescription Painkillers, this 35-page journal article overflows with illustrative information. Print it out and grab your highlighter. The time investment is well worthwhile.

Here’s the abstract:

Since 2001, the federal government has accelerated its pursuit of physicians it alleges are contributing to an increase of prescription-drug addiction. These highly publicized indictments and prosecutions have frightened many physicians out of the field of pain management, exacerbating an already serious health crisis—the widespread undertreatment of severe chronic pain.

[via Kevin, MD]

2 Responses to “DEA’s Stance on Pain Explained”

  1. katy Says:

    I wrote about this piece a few weeks ago–very very good article.

  2. Angel Says:

    Just the abstract scares me. I mean, I’m only 18 months into these headaches….I’m frightened at the idea of not being able to find a doc to help me deal with the pain in the long run.

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