Lyrica Aids Sleep

In addition to its role as a chronic pain reliever, Lyrica (pregabalin) may also be an effective sleep aid for people with chronic pain. In turn, better sleep may also help relieve chronic pain. These findings were presented at the American Association of Neurologists’ annual meeting.

The results of the study, which was actually a review of findings from 14 previous Lyrica clinical trials, indicated that “pregabalin treatment significantly decreased pain and pain-related sleep disturbances by week 1 in patients with all except those with osteoarthritis. These improvements persisted throughout the trial.”

In my notes from a visit to the headache specialist last spring, I wrote that Lyrica is the first drug that mimics natural sleep patterns. This study is the only place I’ve found support for this claim. The article says that healthy trial participants had significant increases in stages III & IV sleep and woke up less in the night while taking Lyrica vs. a placebo. Have any of you heard anything like this elsewhere?


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  1. Angel Says:

    I haven’t heard that. But I am DEFINITELY sleeping better on Lyrica–better than any other medication I’ve taken before. I can’t say it totally negates the fatigue I have from my fibro/CFS (and I’m still sleepy during the day as I’m getting used to the med). But it’s a definite improvement!

  2. walksalone05 Says:

    Hi I tried Lyrica and it made my headaches worse.It did make me sleepy,but unlike anti-depressants,I would still be sleepy after I woke up later.

    I take 150 mgs of Amitryptaline at night and if my headache gets real bad I take them early.The better I sleep the better I feel it’s true.Anyway I wish lyrica would have helped me.Maybe it will help someone else.

  3. walksalone05 Says:

    Also I wanted to update the progress in my implant.They gave me all the tests and then they sent me home with a special handheld electronic calendar to record my headaches for 28 days.

    I was talking to the nurse who was giving me the tests, and she told me that when they put the implant in the first 12 weeks,they don’t tell you how much it is turned on.Maybe your implant isn’t turned on all the way.At what stage are you in the study?

    I’m not actually in a study, but not telling you if it is on or not makes sense. It’s a way of creating a control group — the people who don’t have them turned on are the control group, but don’t know it so their thoughts can’t influence the study


  4. Paula Kamen Says:

    My experience with Lyria last fall illustrates why it’s very hard to take a brand-new drug, because doctors aren’t aware of the side effects yet. That’s why I was confused when I got a scary rash on my arms and legs after starting Lyrica, weeks after it was “rolled out.” I never had this reaction to a drug in the past, so didn’t suspect it. I went to a dermatologist who said that the exact location of the rash indicated it was from a drug. I got off the Lyrica and the rash was gone.

    Thanks for sharing that experience, Paula. Even with clinical trials, it’s hard to not feel like a guinea pig on new drugs. Any stories about a med are a huge help for people contemplating taking it.


  5. DCain Says:

    Glad to find ya. Started using Lyrica for fibro sleep issues about a month ago. My doctor started prescribing for chronic pain sleep issues. Haven’t noticed any difference in pain level or sleep but developed a horrible constant body rash two weeks ago. Been trying to find cause and this is only thing different food or drug intake wise. After reading Paula’s comment I am sure this is answer.

  6. Ann Says:

    I just started taking Lyrica 2 days ago. Slept all night for the first time in 15 years. Don’t know what else to expect but I’m dizzy enough that I don’t dare drive and so far haven’t noticed any relief in my fibro pain or migraine. Some confusion but don’t know if it’s a bad fibro fog day or the Lyrica.

    Was glad to see the rash info here. Never know what to expect with a new med and now I know to watch out for that. Thanks!

  7. James Higgins Says:

    I was trying to find out if Lyrica is interfering with anyones sleep. I wake up several times a night and it feels like every nerve in my body is agitated. Does anyone have this problem? My legs also feel very tired or heavy, especially when I go up the stairs in my house. Is there anyone out there that experiences this.


    I haven’t taken Lyrica, but the drug profile lists loss of strength or energy, muscle aches and pains, muscle weakness, muscle twitching or jerking, and trouble sleeping as “less common” side effects. They may diminish over time or you could work with your doctor to find a better dose for you.

    There’s more information at


  8. MINDY Says:

    I took Lyrica for about 4/wks and the only thing it did for me was make me hurt all over. Every joint in my body still hurts. I am on Dilaudid 4xday and that just keeps the pain bearable. I don’t know what to do now. I’m glad that the drug has helped some people but it has made my life hell!

    I’m so sorry your headaches are so bad. Have your doctors given you any other suggestions since the Lyrica and Dilaudid haven’t worked?


  9. barb schiavo Says:

    James, I’ve had major problems since taking Lyrica, including a “heavy” feeling in my legs. My whole body has swelled, I’ve gained major weight,my muscles ache and now my blood tests are coming back abnormal. I stopped taking the Lyrica but my symptoms haven’t subsided. I never had any of these problems before Lyrica and my doctor is stumped as to whats going on. I think this is a dangerous drug thats going to cause a lot of people problems. It did work great for my neuropathic pain, from a spinal cord injury, but the side effects just aren’t worth it.

    I’m sorry that you are suffering so much. And to hear that Lyrica helped but you had to go off of it. How frustrating!

    Best of luck finding some relief.


  10. Anne Dean Says:

    I am taking 300 mg of Lyrica in the morning. I have been migraine free for 5 months which is a miracle!!!! Only side effect I have is gas and bloating………Anne

    That’s great news. I’d take gas and bloating over migraines any day!


  11. Kate Says:

    I started taking 150 mg of Lyrica twice a day 1 month ago for PN. It is the first time I have been almost pain free in 1 year. Unfortunately, I broke out in a terrible rash on my back along my back bone and my neurologist told me to discontinue taking it. Has anyone had a rash on your back from Lyrica?

    I haven’t taken Lyrica, so I can’t help much. Does your neurologist think that it was an allergic reaction?


  12. julie Says:

    I am on Lyrica for past 6 weeks (100mg 3 x a day) and it has distinctly affected my sleep – I wake up after 5-6 hours and I am VERY awake but not upset about it – I just get up and do a few hours of work on the computer and then either stay up or go back to sleep for an hour or two. it’s very connected to the drug, I think, because it is always about 5 hours after I take it. Before I started it, I had troubled sleep and often tossed and turned, did not feel rested — now i feel a little tired because I am not getting enough sleep, but overall i am sleeping better.

    I am taking the Lyrica for nerve damage, not headache.


    What a strange sleep pattern, but it’s great that you are getting better sleep. I hope it settles down after you’ve been on the drug a little longer.

    Take care,

  13. deplinger Says:

    My husband has been taking Lyrica for several months and has developed a bad rash on his back and on his face. Are rashes a common side effect for Lyrica?

    I’m not sure. I’d check with your doctor.


  14. Jane192 Says:

    I was put on Lyrica after trying everything. My CDH was horrendous. I did find that it worked, instead of having numerous headaches lasting days over the month, I had one big headache for about 5 days. I was told to double my dosage at that point, however I only did this once as I felt like I had been out drinking for days. I could not walk in a straight line at all and felt horrible. I am now coming off them slowly as the effects are decreasing and I am getting more headaches, again throughout the month. I must say though coming off them has been no picnic.

    I’m glad that it helped for a while at least, but I’m so sorry that the effects didn’t last. Hang in there!


  15. Angie Says:

    I started Lyrica, I guess about 2 months ago. At the same time,I was diagnosed with ADD. My doc siad that he thought the ADD was making me have the headaches I have. I was put on Lyrica for a back issue. I have DDD, facet syndrome and sustained a fall last August. I have been on pain meds ever since. I also take meds for my headaches which consist of Xanax and Hydrocodone. So, with that being said, i am getting ready to go back to the dr. in 2 weeks and I am going to tell him to drop the Xanax and Hydrocodone for headaches. I was taking the Xanax at night ONLY for sleep. Simple, if I sleep= no headaches! I am also on pain meds for my back and have been able to cut the dosage in half due to something. I have had a lot go on in the past few months. I switched jobs, dx’d with ADD, Lyrica and started PT. I was told by my treating doc he was going to turn me over to pain management and I thought to myself, I didn’t need that crap! I didn’t take the Lyrica for 2 days and had PT yesterday. You can bet your bottom dollar that the first stop I made after PT, was CVS! My legs were falling asleep all day long. I am SO much better today and I slept well last night after not sleeping for 2 nights. It may have some side effects like when I went back on them, I was dizzy. Not unless the side effect is death, it is far more helpful than hurtful to me. And then I would have to think about it if they said you will die!…lol. I am just kidding! God bless the makers!

    What a rollercoaster you’ve been on! I hope things settle down for you soon.


  16. Sharilyn Parr Says:

    I have been on Lyrica now for three months for migraine. First month, no results. But the second and third months have been GREAT! Instead of my normal 11-15 migraines per month, I have had about 3 per month. Plus I feel better on the other days as well. The side effects are a dizzy/drunk feeling that comes and goes (but is not unpleasant). Also some digestive stuff, but not too serious. I gained weight the first month (about 5 pounds) but I’ve been dieting since and am now back to normal. So, I’m cautiously optimistic, but so far it’s been a life-changer!

    That’s wonderful news! Thanks for sharing.


  17. Annette Says:

    I take 50 mg. of Lyrica in the morning. My neurologist would like me to increase to up to 100 mg. 3 x day for the past 2 weeks and continuing.

    I have strange sensations that come and go..almost a dizzy/drunk feeling.

    Also, I’ve cut down on my food portions because I am very scared of the weight gain people are experiencing.

    So far I haven’t noticed weight gain but I feel like a balloon! All my clothes are too tight!

    What is it about Lyrica that causes this bloating…does anyone know?

    Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Lyrica (although I’m planning to start it soon). A headache forum would be a good place to ask other people who have taken it. MigrainePage is my favorite:

    I wish you the best of luck finding some answers.


  18. becky Says:

    I have been on lyrica for three weeks now. I pay close attention to my body and noticed different sideaffects at different stages. my doc started me off taking 50mg at night for three days then took 50mg morning and night. the first day i felt (high) not a bad feeling at all, at that point i felt i could become addicted, but the next day it wasn’t such a strong feeling, i felt like a million bucks and found that I felt calm and happy, way more patient with my kids, but unfortunatly that too went away. now i dont get any feeling from it. Just a ferousious appetite and nasty gas!! i am also starting to feel weight packing on quick!im also very scared of this drug because its so new and we dont know what the long term affects are. i dont really know if its working, it seems to be i felt the weirdest feeling last week, I felt a migraine coming on, vomited a few times and realized the pain wasnt so bad, it practicaly went away, but i felt as if the migrane was still there like lyrica stoped me from feeling the pain, but i still felt all the other side affects of a migrane, light and noise sensitivity, vomiting, pressure, ect. going to give it a little more time before giving up on it, just thought i would share my experience.

    Getting through the early side effects of any drug can be a strange mix of ups and downs, but you’ve really run the gamut!

    Lyrica is based on Neurontin (gabapentin). Searching for information on Neurontin may give you some idea of the long term safety of Lyrica. Here’s one source:

    Best of luck with the drug. I hope things settle down for you.

    Take care,

  19. carlos Says:

    Hello everybody,
    I’m new to this site. I have been on Lyrica for a month to treat my migraine and anxiety. All I can say is that it is reaaly working.

  20. Mike Says:

    I have been taking Lyrica for 1 week now and am wondering what side effects it has with headaches. I am having light headache pain a little more than I have ever had. The pain isn’t bad but the ear ringing is driving me nuts now. I am not sure if this is related to the medication or not? As for the main reason I am taking the meds is not really working out to well. I take Lyrica for fibro issues and now I am hurting a whole lot more then I was before. Wanted to know if these symptoms are suppose to subside or if they will be a permanent side effect? I know its a new drug and not much info is out on it, but I thought this would be the place to find an answer. I guess these are the bumps for taking a new medicine. Thanks

    Sorry, but I don’t know the answers to your questions. I recommend checking with a pharmacist.

    Take care,

  21. Matt Says:

    Could the people who have had a rash describe it? I have a circular halo rash on my shoulder, red, not itchy with a red center (target-like). I started taking Lyrica a few days ago. I don’t know if it’s related to Lyrica at all. I will find out in week. Otherwise it’s really helped my headaches and nerve pain. It would be good if the people who have had rashes describe them in more detail to see if one can “define” a Lyrica rash. Also does anyone have nausea?

    Sorry that I don’t have any information for you. Talking to a doctor or pharmacist is your best bet.

    Take care,

  22. Linda Says:

    I have been on Lyrica for about two weeks on a 75 mg dosage. I have low body weight so this is what works. I have Lupus, fibro-mylgia, thyroid disease. It makes me diszzy so I take it before bed time. It helps me sleep more than I have in 20 yrs.
    So days it works and I have about 50% less chronic pain. My energy has been incredible but now I realize that I must still have rest periods during the day even though the Lyrica is giving me all this new energy.

    Yesterday, I woke up with big red sores on my pallet and went to the doctor, they are not sure if it is from Lyric or the sinus infection they diagnosed. Has anyone experienced this side effect?

    I would start with a small dosage if you weight under 125 pds. Good luck.

    What great news about Lyrica. Those sores sound awful. I hope they were from the sinus infection not the drug.

    Take care,

  23. Rose Says:

    My mother had back surgery 4 weeks ago. Her surgeon put her on Lyrica for pain. It has done wonders for the pain but she is “drugged”. Her speech is slurred from the dry mouth and she talks a lot of nonsense. She has to take physical therapy and I’m afraid from what I’ve read here that the Lyrica may be more harmful than helpful. Are these meds causing her to talk crazy? Also, she takes Xanax for nerves anyway. Combine the two and she is on the floor literally. (At least that is what we think has caused it.) Anybody???? help. Thanks

    I’m not sure what the cause could be, but I definitely recommend talking to a doctor or pharmacist. I wish you the best of luck.


  24. Graeme Edgerton Says:

    Hi all .I was toled to take Pregabalin and Tramadol for nerve pain I took one of each and woke up thinking I was dyeing having a stroke I couldn’t talk ,walk ,my body was numb from my head to my toes ,,dry mouth head aces ,numb tong and lots of other problems and now 7 months later I still have a lot of the side affects and no one can tell me what is going on they say it will get better one day .It has now stoped me from work depression has set in because I am a security Agent I was a cleaner on a ship a teacher ,personnel consultant so that means I give people positive help ,now I cant do any thing .Money is tight my wife has 2 jobs to pay the bills I have a arm that I cant use much and a body that I cant feel my skin my head feels like its going to explode. I cant concentrate on things I cant sleep and I am concerned about taking tablets just encase it kills me ,anxiety attacks at night ,if you have a lot of side affects after taking any tablets I was toled that it knocks out your immune system and you never know how far it will come back so this means I may have allergy’s to a lot of other things what is left no one can tell me whats wrong if only someone could give the answer because my life came to a stop and now I need to start it up again all because of these drugs take care Graeme

    Those are serious problems. Please, please call your doctor about them.

    Take care,

  25. traci Says:

    i’ve been on lyrica (50mg in the morning and 50mg at night) for fibromyalgia for 6 months. it has been amazing for pain and my sleep was better, especially when i first started taking it, but i have more headaches — including migraines — more frequently. i’m here with another headache this morning, trying once again to decide if it’s better to live on or off the lyrica . .

  26. Linda Benkert Says:

    I have been on Lyrica since it came out, it helps me sleep better but I still wake up 5-6 time during the night because of sleep apna, they just increased me to 100mg three times a day for the pain, i get really bad muscle spasm in my toes feet legs thighs , everywhere, I want to believe that it is working, but I am not sure since I have pain everywhere, I get tremors in my right hand and weakness in my right arm and hand and my legs are extremely weak whenever I have to walk up a slope or down a slope, I did have a 4 inch spinal filled cyst from Lumbar disc 1 to Ll5 removed and I have poly neuropathy and a b12 deficiency which my doctor hasn’t told me yet ( I have a copy of the lab results which state my methomelonic is low. I just want pain relief and to be able to sleep without pain and muscle spasm waking me up all the time.

  27. Burl Says:

    I tried Lyrica about a year and a half ago for neuropathy-was prescribed so many other drugs that…who knew? I felt terrible. FF to 3 months ago, I got very angry with my docs and just threw out a lot of the drugs: Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Vicodin (ok, once in a while), Ambien, Restoril….you get the idea. I also take meds for diabetes, but that’s different. After a month of real agony and very, very little sleep, I went back to Lyrica alone and voila! I take 75mg in the morning and 400 mg at night, and I sleep like I haven’t in probably 25 years. I usually wake once (good for a 52-year-old guy), but I seem to dream so much “better-” I remember the dreams and can understand them so well, and I feel downright peaceful when I wake instead of being in anguish from fibromyalgia. I still have pain, but the addition of a little Vicodin or even just an NSAID really helps, and my attitiude is better. Talk about your “goddam miracles!”

  28. Diann Says:

    My 17 year old daughter is on her fourth night of only 50 mg of Lyrica and for the last three nights has slept for the first time in almost three years! The pain throughout her body was much better today as well. She’s tested negative for all of the Autoimmune diseases but has about 15 symptoms of Fibro so he decided to give them to her to see if she could at lease sleep. Voila…My daughter has slept through the night, actually getting up in the morning instead of sleeping all day and waking up feeling like she hadn’t and her fatigue is already reduced. Can you believe this after only three nights?

  29. Sarah L Says:

    I suffer with chronic Pudendal Nerve pain and feel like i’m going out of my mind with the pain sometimes. I was prescribed Lyrica a few days ago, but haven’t seen any improvement in the pain so far. Does the pain relieving effect take a while to kick in?

    Yest, it can take a couple months to see if it will work for you. Best of luck!


  30. terry Says:

    please send me a copy of these reports to the above email address for my doctor to see. Thank you

  31. Sarah L Says:

    Thanks for the reply Kerrie (re taking Lyrica for Pudendal Nerve prob and how long it would take to work). I will persevere with it. The only side effect I have had so far is that I find I can’t always walk in a straight line and I feel quite drowsy.

    I would say to others who are starting this medication….unless the side effects are serious or you are worried, try and stick with it for a while. I also take Seroxat for depression and the side effects at first were horrendous. I stayed on it and I felt so much better within a month. The depression lifted. It can take a while for your body to get used to a new drug but once it does, a lot of the side effects will go. As I said before though, I’m not referring to any serious side effects.

    Sarah L

  32. David (Denver) Says:

    Hi Kerrie, Although I am a migraine sufferer that’s not what brought me to your site. I have had chronic insomnia for 10 years. I just started taking Lyrica 2 weeks ago. I’m up to 450 mg/day. I’ve only had good side effects from Lyrica. It was prescribed for back/leg pain that I am experiencing but it’s helping me sleep better and deeper. I’m down to taking just 3 mg of Lunesta now along with the Lyrica and am getting positive results with my sleep. I’m hoping to get off the Lunesta and just use the Lyrica. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask. Thanks, David

  33. laurie Says:

    This is just to give a little info to those of you who suffer from migraines.I had migraines for six years to the point of seeing black spots most of the day. I took many different meds and had different diets. But no doctor ever asked me about artificial sugars. What do you know, I quit them and the migraines went away.

    I have been taking Lyrica for about five days for back pain. I thought it was helping a little so I asked my doc to let me take it three times a day. Today I took the first dose of the day about an hour before taking Muralax (for constipation). About an hour later I starting feeling extremely drunk. It lasted about four hours. I don’t know if it was the combination of the two or if it was because the day before I took three of the 75mg pills spread through out the day.
    I do seem to have a hard time with a lot of these types of meds. Gabapenten made half of my face numb and I couldn’t hold a thought in my head.
    I checked out the web site of Gabapenten, boy do I not feel great about that med. I have a lot of trepidation about taking lyrica due-to-the-fact it is such a new drug.

  34. Denise Says:

    I’ve been taking 50 mg. Lyrica BID for 6 days and after 4 days the daily headaches (10 days worth) stopped. I’m not sure if it’s the drug or if I just got through the headache cycle but I’m gonna keep taking it. It makes me a bit drowsy about an hour after taking it but nothing I can’t get through. No other side effects but am concerned about possible weight gain. New drugs scare me as I’ve had some nasty results with Cymbalta and Chantix recently but headaches make you seek out anything that might help. Feel like a guinea pig but the alternative is pain and no life.

    Not glad to find some many headache sufferers but I think it’s important for us to know that others are out there.


  35. ME Says:

    I have been OFF lyrica for almost a year. (I was taking it for Migraines) I am on no medications and doing great, but haven’t lost any of the weight that i gained from it (12 lbs) I have tried everything, the weight won’t budge. Anyone have a similar experience?

  36. vk9 Says:

    on my fifth day of Lyrica — 50mg twice daily for fibromyalgia– unbelievable improvement– I thank God!! All with fibro should try this med.

  37. Jo Dee - In the UK Says:

    Really interesting reading all of your posts. I found the site as I was looking for information about ‘coming off’ Pregablin. I’ve been on 50mg 3 times a day for about 6 weeks. This morning I was up at 4.00am as I’ve only had 2 doses today and guess what – not slept as well – best sleep in 5 years! They’ve been brilliant for my sleep and pain relief but I have felt side effects too. All of them come and go – but to list a few:- sleepy during the day (reduced recently – getting used to them?), dizzy, ‘foggy’ headed, loss of strength and energy but had a feeling of well being and calmness. Blurred vision when tryig to read – more so in the evening when getting tired. Trouble thinking, mixing the odd word up, light headiness. ~ When you write them down it doesn’t look too good – but I am still glad to have been on them. I’ve been on the Lipotrim diet for 4 weeks (to get back to my normal pre HRT weight) so lost 21lbs rather than gained any weight ~ I was deeply concerned that I would have gained. Will keep logging on here now I’ve found you all as I suffer with Migraines. Many thanks for sharing everyone.

  38. KNC Says:


    My name is Katrina. I have been taking Lyrica for one week and a day. I am taking 50mg as of right now, just before bed. I am taking this for Fibro help. So far I have slept so well in the past week. I forgot what it was like to get sleep. I have been a little “off” during the day. My pain has gotten a little better though, hoping that it will get much better!!! I am so ready to live life with my family. I was told that I had Fibro about six years ago and no meds really helped so I really hope this helps. Thanks for all of your post. I will check back with you all.

  39. catherine Says:

    hello every one i took lyrica for fiber/mfs and i had fiuid build up from lyrica.
    It all started in september when i started taking lyrica, Lyrica helped with pain, but the weight gain was horrible! I also had felling of dizziness and anxiety. I had depression as well.
    Well i wasan’t felling well one day and my head was twice as it was before so i called the pharmsists and i told her what was going on and she said come to the hospital imendately. so i did and i had fluid build up secondary to lyrica.

    If anyone had had any of the same symptoms please contact me at:

    please feel free to tell me your story because it will help because i am sewing fzizer.

  40. Mischelle Says:

    hello Lyrica takers.. im taking 75 mg 4 times a day plus vicoprofen 7.5mg 1 1/2 4 times aday and 2 soma 350mg i wish i could take more dr says no something bad could happen if i do. Any Who when i first started taking lyrica a year ago the dr. gave me 100 mg 3 times a day that and percocet seems that gave me a heart attach when steroids were also introduced. im alergic to many drugs and was having bad muscle pain. generic hydrocodone gives me shooting nerve pains. Well the lyrica at first made me swell including my face but gave me great pain relief i could sit up again being able to sit up is important. well the swelling went away a couple days of taking it. i said ok ill take it. My Eyesight was affected and my MEMORY Was to so much so that i said no this is scary let me come off of this stuff so i stopped taking lyrica my body hurt so bad after stopping lyrica but i said the pain will go away but a month later it remained dr said it was my fibro but it never affected me so baddly before so i waited another month no better and i was having all the pain i took the lyrica for plus my whole body ached. well a month passed bye and i decided to go back on the lyrica the pain got better but still there remains alot of it its every muscle and every joint thats killing me the more lyrica i take the better i feel i guess im on it for life i have a couple questions is it possible to take more vicoprofen or something stronger also is anything stronger than soma. Because here i am taking all this and while lyrica helps the overall pain… i think it caused my whole body to ache so now i have extra pains oh and can lyrica cause a worsening in fibromyalgia??? if you stop taking it within a week???? i cant even walk untill i get the vicoprofen in me each morning but if i stop the lyrica it becomes even worse atleast with it i can sit up.. im 39 years old but heres the thing before i took lyrica my body didnt hurt i could put my feet on the floor and now i cant till the vico. thanks for reading pls reply

  41. Julie P. Says:

    I started taking Lyrica, for Fibromyalgia, 150mg 2 times a day on 1/28/08. I experienced a loss of a family member on 1/30/08 and at the same time I began to have anxiety attacks, headaches, heart palpations. My head felt like it was going to explode. I thought it was depression. I saw a family practice doctor and he sent me to a cardiologist and they precribed a beta blocker. They found nothing wrong with me heart wise. The anxiety attacks continued and I quit my job thinking I was having a nervous breakdown. The pressure headaches were unbearable. My body aches increased, I was having diffuclty walking and supporting my own body weight. The Lyrica did nothing for my fibromyalgia pain.I looked up side effects and saw nothing about my symptoms. I even doubted I had FMS and thought I was going to die any day. I decided to stop taking the Lyrica on my own, I can’t get an appointment with the rheumotolgist for another month. I really think it is the Lyrica, I have never had pressure headaches likes this. I got another job about 30 days ago and it takes every ounce of strength to get up and go. I don’t want to live like this anymore I can’t take the pain. I don’t know what to do

  42. tricia Says:

    Well I just started taking lyrica. I had surgery for a herniated disc in my neck and it was replaced and a metal plate and screws put in. Recently I had been in alot of pain and they’ve found that there is another herinated disc in my neck. They claim because I’m 36 they don’t want to just rush me off to surgery again. I’m doing physical therapy and now they want to do steroid injections in the nerves in my neck. I’ve lost alot because of this injury.
    So the lyrica is really messing me up and I’m not sure what to do. I’m on 150mg a day. I’m lethargic, like a drunk feeling. I have no coordination, and my motor skills are not up to par. Things aren’t as they appear and I seem really confused.
    They prescribed it because of the damaged nerves due to the herniated disc pinching them off.
    I know this is a new drug but I’m just not sure about it or the effects.
    I can’t take the pain but I don’t know what to do 😦 Its been 8 months and nothing seems to be working.

  43. Sherry Says:

    After reading these posts, it is clear to me that I need to discontinue the RX for Lyrica. I had C 4,5 & C7 surgery March 08, the dura was torn during the surgery and I lost use of my left arm for a period of time. The doc had me taking 100 mg 3xdaily until May and then I dropped to 100mg in the morning and 100mg before bed. I have noticed an extreme loss of memory, I sound like a babbleling idiot sometimes because I cannot find words to complete my sentences or thoughts and spend most of the morning dizzy and I’ve gained 13 lbs. My prescription ran out a week ago and I was not sure if I should call the doc for a refill, but after 7 months taking this drug, I think it’s time to discontinue. 6 mos. of PT and 7 mos of daily Lyrica has given me my life back, I am now playing golf again and have full use of my left arm. I’m convinced that it worked as it should have and I am now feeling much better and look forward to regaining my memory, it was scary at times, I couldn’t remember what I had done the day prior in many instances.

  44. Joe Says:

    I took Lyrica for about a month back in Feb. before I had to have a cervical procedure. While I was on lyrica, I had all the same symptons of not being able to talk right, dropping things, dizzy feeling, feeling of high,etc. Within 2wks. I had a rash that I was told was an allergic reaction to Lyrica. I immediately went off lyrica when the dr. said it was an allergic reaction, but the rash has never completely left. It is brought on by heat and sweating also intestifies the rash/dry itchy spots. I have seen two dermatologists, but the lotions they have given me do not solve the problem. Does anyone still have a rash after stopping Lyrica. Any suggestions on how to stop this reaction? I never ever had this problem before I took lyrica.

  45. John Says:

    After taking 150Mg of Lyrica (only once) I started to develop a rash on my elbows, and then on my knees. I suspected it was the Lyrica but wasn’t completely sure. Seeing how other people using this forum also developed a rash convinced me to suspend the treatment and my rash left. I’ll never know for sure if this is what caused it, but I’m very glad I stopped itching!

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