Something About February

For the last three Februaries, I’ve been inspired to consider new ways to manage my CDH and migraine. Maybe it’s that this month usually gives a reprieve from the rain. After two months in hiding, a visit from sunshine and blue skies inspire people throughout the city. (You may think I’m being melodramatic, but it’s hard to believe until you see it.)

This year I’m revisiting naturopathic medicine. After trying numerous treatments with no success, I had stopped considering this option. Then I realized that conventional medicine hasn’t done much better. It’s taken a while to get here because I’m rooted in the beliefs of Western medicine. I’m more open to the idea now that I’m no longer seeking something to rid me of pain. It feels more like an adventure, not a desperate attempt for relief.

Next Thursday I have a 90-minute long first visit, where I’ll meet with a care team. We’ll formulate a plan for my treatment — which could include dietary changes, supplements, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy and biofeedback — and decide what happens next.

Studies of acupuncture and other complementary therapies indicate that the treatments themselves don’t seem to help much, but that patients feel better because they receive personal attention from caring providers. Even if it’s a sort of placebo effect, I’m fine with anything that makes me feel better or more relaxed.


3 Responses to “Something About February”

  1. Sarah Shafer Says:

    Go for it!

    I love having a cheering section! Especially when it’s my mother-in-law. 😉


  2. Jackie Says:


    I just wanted to say that I also suffer from Chronic Headaches and Migraines. I reciently tried acupuncture, and I don’t know if I just thought it was working or if it actually worked, but while I was doing it, I really felt better. However, the cost got to be too much, and I had to stop. Hopefully I can find a better place to get it done, for a more reasonable price.

    good luck!

  3. Angel Says:

    I hope you find something that helps you!

    I’ve had acupuncture in the past for tendonitis, and IMO, it really does work. Planning on trying it for my CDH (when we can afford the co-pays).

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