Good-for-You Newsletters

Tcotchkes aren’t my thing. As neat as Martha says collecting is, I don’t need to own and display objects that clutter my house. So I collect links, which clutter up my Bloglines, Favorites folder and e-mail inboxes. But that’s OK because I don’t have to dust links.

Online newsletters have been piling up in my inbox since I started blogging in June. This a sample of some that are full of pertinent information for headache sufferers.

June 2005, National Women’s Health Report, published by the National Women’s Health Resource Center: This issue is all about women and pain; how it affects them, a broad range of therapies and the stages of migraine in women’s lives.

Pain Monitor, published monthly by the American Pain Foundation: A newsletter for, you guessed it, people in pain. The November issue includes articles on how migraine diagnoses are missed for women and the myths and realities of migraine. Other recent issues have included information on how the brain modulates pain, the worldwide reach of chronic pain, reimporting pain meds and learning to live joyfully even with chronic pain.

Housecall, published weekly by the Mayo Clinic: Includes basic stay-healthy articles on exercise, weight loss and heathful recipes, but also explores topics like complementary and alternative medicine, ways to relieve depression and anxiety, and insomnia. A recent issue had an article on pain treatment and the difference between addiction and dependence.

Lots on pain, article on migraine, interesting info about pain and perception and pain and depression


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