Pungent Dreams: Garlic For Migraine?

Two nights ago, I dreamed that I had found a revolutionary cure for headache. Garlic. Not to eat of course, since that can trigger a migraine, but to put in one’s ears. That’s right, in the dream not only did one clove of garlic per ear kept the vampires (and my husband) away, it made the pain go away (and acted as earplugs).

Bizarre, but not much crazier than other treatments I’ve tried.

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2 Responses to “Pungent Dreams: Garlic For Migraine?”

  1. Shelly Says:

    O.K. then it’s settled…I’m off to bed with a garlic clove in each ear…lol.
    Hey, you never know, it could be “the cure”.

  2. Bure Says:

    Thanks for making me laugh 🙂

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