Headache Forums

If you’re looking for a way to remember that you’re not alone and that it’s possible to find a way to deal with your pain, online forums are a great place to go. Even if you don’t you want to post, you can learn a lot from reading. Topics range from personal stories to drug side effects to treatment options. Some posts are rants about being miserable and others celebrate victories like positive test results or a new medication that gives relief.

There are four active forums that I know of and, even if the title includes “migraine,” they all address various types of headaches. Some focus on exchanging clinical information while others are more about creating relationships. Don’t be embarrassed to read without posting, to only write occasionally or to vent. All the forums are different, but they’re all made up of caring people who understand your frustrations.

February 13, 2008: An online support group and forum has been added to The Daily Headache!


3 Responses to “Headache Forums”

  1. Amy Says:

    I have been suffering from debilitating headaches for a number of months. they may be a few a week to a few a month. mainly onesided, constant pain around my right eye, Some attacks are less painful while others are devastating with vomiting and neck pain. I have had a ct scan showing nothing abnormal I have tried number over the counter and prescip. to no avail. Im at my wits end. Anyone else with similiar attacks and what did you do.

  2. Steve Says:

    I’ve had headaches my entire life. I’m starting to get concerned about all the medication I’ve taken over a lifetime. I came across this article about how to prevent headaches by controlling your hormones. It makes a lot of sense to me.


  3. Angela Says:

    I’ve been usuing detox foot pads from http://www.purifyyourbody.com and I hardly get headaches at all anymore. I’ve been a diet coke junkie my whole life and after I cut back and started using these foot pads, I felt so much better that I realized I didn’t know how bad I really felt all those years.

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