Musings of a Migraineur

Like everyone with migraine or chronic daily headache, I’m not just a patient or a sufferer. I have interests and passions and don’t want chronic pain to define me, but there’s no handbook telling me how to avoid it. It seems that I face some new struggle every day. I can’t help but think that others might benefit from my frequent stumbling.

So now I blog. I’m not a medical expert, but I’m a seasoned migraine patient, which has to count for something. I also know that pain management is a hot research topic and have been compiling a list of resources for myself. Why not share? Here’s the take on meds, triggers, resources, treatments and everything else headache-related from someone who’s in your shoes.



2 Responses to “Musings of a Migraineur”

  1. Pam O'Hara Says:

    I am writing a book on headaches with a prominent Cleveland Clinic doctor. I am very interested in headache blogs and how prevalent they are. Can you help me with any information on this?
    Pam O’Hara

  2. Stella Says:

    Hi Kerrrie!

    Thank you for your excellent pages. I have same kind of “headache-or-migraine-almost-every-day”-kind of problem. I wonder how your experiment with Lyrica turned out to be? Or have other readers tried it?

    I didn’t try it, so I have nothing to report. Readers have given mixed reviews — as with every medication. It is a matter of trial and error. Meds that work for some people don’t work for others and vice versa.

    Take care,

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